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Schedule Our Aviation Mishap Investigation Services

You’ve Got Nothing to Lose & Everything to Gain

Aviation failure problems? Failure Analysis Service Technology can help! We specialize in aviation mishap investigations and failure analysis. Our skilled technicians don’t make a research project out of your problem, but instead inform you up front whether or not your foreign object damage or aviation mishap can be corrected. This initial report includes the maximum cost to you and when an answer will be received. Contact us today in Prescott, Arizona, for a high-tech technical staff able to address any and all aviation mishap investigation needs.


Your Aviation Solution
Put an end to worries of a technical staff costing you a great deal of money while only creating a research project that never answers the real questions. FAST is your aviation mishap investigation    tea37202668m for quality services by experts who keep your budget in mind. We know testing procedures, both capabilities and limitations; we know materials, processing, and importantly, we know aviation and flight operations. This means we are better qualified to determine where critical steps occur and, consequently, eliminate unnecessary testing.

Our Process
FAST uses the appropriate techniques and equipment to get to the heart of the problem quickly.  The FAST FOD Replicating Procedure™ is widely used by all branches of the United States military, as well as airframe makers and commercial airlines throughout the world.  As a result, our aviation mishap investigation service is provided at a firm fixed price (not including time and material).  Most investigations are performed for under $2,500 and completed within 7 business days.

Call us today at (888) 335-3615 in Prescott, Arizona, for a definitive date and
not-to-exceed price on receiving a solution to your aviation mishap investigation.